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Step-by-Step: Downloading your recordings


This app will download recorded shows to your phone or tablet over wifi or the data plan on a phone for fast offline playback. Here are instructions about how to setup the application.

  1. Select a show to record on Check the Schedule tab on to verify it is successfully recorded.
  2. Download and install the free app Radio Downloader on your Android device. Launch the app.
  3. Enter your account login (which is an email address) and password and click sign in.
    NOTE: It's easy to mistype an email address or password on a small device. If you get an error, please try entering your email address and password again.
  4. The Recordings tab will show all shows that have been downloaded or need to be downloaded.
  5. The Player tab will display downloaded shows ready for playback. There's a handy 30 sec skip and 7 second rewind that can be used to customize playback.
  6. To change options such as how often to download when to use wifi or a phone's data connection select the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and select Options.

A Pro account is required. Click here to upgrade.

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