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Step-by-Step: Downloading your recordings

iPhone, iPad

After you've recorded a show using
  1. When logged into, click the "settings" link (upper right corner). Then click the "Downloading" link and copy your personal downloading URL.
  2. Download and install the free app "RSSRadio" on your iPhone or iPad. Launch the app.
  3. On the Subscriptions screen, click the "+" symbol, then select "Enter the URL manually"
  4. Type or paste the URL from step 1 in the field, then click the "Go" button to access your recordings.
  5. Once the shows appear on the screen, click the Subscribe button to ensure that all your future recordings will be automatically retrieved. (You only need to do this step once.)
  6. To download more than the RSSRadio default of 3 shows, select under Subscriptions and select Settings. Choose "All" to always download all of your recordings.
  7. Click "Back" and then "swipe" down to initiate the download. You can see the progress by going to the Downloads screen.
  8. To listen, click the number of downloaded parts on the Playlists screen (upper right corner) and then click the Play All button.
  9. To play multi-part DAR recordings in sequence on some older iPods, we recommend creating a playlist in iTunes before syncing to your device.
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